I feel like this moment is actually really important. Look at Alison’s face. Look at her eyes. She was just buried alive by her own mother. You’d think she would look scared or have some sort of emotion. But no. She looks so empty. She looks so numb. I don’t think Alison was taught how to love or how to feel any real emotion. I don’t think she understood how because her family didn’t show her that they loved her. And then her mother buries her alive and leaves her there. I know it’s just a show and most of this stuff might not happen to real people, but this is a 15 year old Alison DiLaurentis. She was fucking 15 years old and she got buried alive by her mother. And I’m not excusing Alison’s actions because of this, she was a horrible person. But she’s been punished thoroughly for her actions. She got tormented by A, hit in the head with a rock, buried alive by her own mother, encouraged by Mona to leave everything behind. She’s been living in fear for the past 2 or 3 years, jumping at every little sound because she thinks A has come to finish what they started. I feel bad for her. I think she deserves another chance to prove herself. I don’t even know where I was going with this.. I just wanted to get that out.


Here I am, mesmerizing my ladies.  Okay, well…maybe Troian is not mesmerized. And maybe Sasha looks a little bored. And Shay looks like maybe she’s looking at somebody else.  And those guys behind me look like they’re wondering what time we’ll be wrapping. But, if you could see Ashley and Lucy’s faces, I’m betting that they are absolutely mesmerized. I’m sure of it.  




i know it’s called an otp but i have like 50

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plleek asked: "I love your blog, dear! &Hey, do you really think the show would kill off one of the girls? I don't think they'd ever do it. I hope not! I love all of them way too much, and I'd cry for days (esp. if it were Aria)! :("

Thank you so much! I loveeee your blog too! No I don’t think they would kill off any of the 4 liars! If they would it would be in the last ever episodes of PLL but still i doubt they would! Although in the last or second last season I could see them possibly killing off Alison! But I could also see them making her stay around but who knows :) X 

This needs no caption. It’s too easy… @ianmharding #setlife


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[Ashley and I] love dancing and music and acting like crazy young ones.
- Tyler Blackburn