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Pretty Little Liars - Halloween Special - Tuesday, October 21st (x)

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Rest in peace, Mona Vanderwaal.

What is this?


Spoby car crashes 1x22 | 5x12

I think it’s far too obvious to think Alison killed Mona. Look at the hair difference, Ali’s hair is longer and thinner. I believe Mona’s murderer was wearing a wig possibly. But why would ‘A’ need to wear a wig? To look like Alison? 

When Hollbrook said “although we did not find a body” I was like YES SHE IS ALIVE then at the end we see Mona in the trunk of the car & I remember Marlene said we might feel sorry for ‘A’ in a way. And when the day comes & i find out who ‘A’ is… I will NOT feel the slightest bit sorry for them. ‘A’ MURDERED Mona and no, didn’t bury her or anything.. Just put her in the trunk of a car like she is nothing. I HATE YOU, -A



Still perfect.