Anonymous asked: "I think eddie recognized aria from visiting spencer and mona in radley"

True true! But it seemed more to me! But who knows :) X

shaym This needs no caption. It’s too easy… @ianmharding#setlife

new york, new york
it’s a hell of a town
ali’s keeping secrets
maybe it’s because of hanna’s big mouth


Ella and Zach’s engagement party is in 509

If the writers didn’t use the opportunity for Aria and Ezra to go to this together

I will sue



This is very good news!!



Lucy Hale photographed by Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

Pretty Little Liars - 5x08 | Sneak Peek: Hanna’s Apology (x)

Scream for Me Promo

I found this really weird because Eddie thought he recognized Aria. Then Ezra & Eddie were meant to meet up until he realized Aria & Ezra were working together so he didn’t show. I think it’s because he realized why he recognized Aria and he doesn’t trust her.